A limited series with the theme "Da Vinci"

The Louvre will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Da Vinci, and will launch a limited series with the theme of "Da Vinci" in cooperation with Off-White.

The Louvre, which has a history of more than 800 years, has also joined the trend industry. Recently, it has cooperated with OFF-WHITE, a luxury tide brand, to launch a joint capsule series. The collaboration is to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci. The Louvre is hosting an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci, which opens in October and will end in February next year.

In this series, OFF-WHITE's iconic arrows are intertwined with Da Vinci's most well-known paintings, such as "Virgin of the Rocks", "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne) "and so on, Da Vinci's male body sketch has also become a print on clothes.

OFF-WHITE founder and creative director Virgil Abloh calls himself Da Vinci's "iron powder". After graduating from college, he went to Paris alone and wandered around the city for several days. He was very impressed by his first visit to the Louvre. "For me, Da Vinci symbolizes everything in the Renaissance."

Abloh hopes that people can become interested in Da Vinci's paintings and search for information and research on their own to understand the meaning of the prints they wear.

He said that he likes to combine two seemingly completely different worlds, which is very applicable to Da Vinci's life experience. The painter himself is a master of cross-border, in addition to painting, he is also a mathematician, anatomy and astronomer.