Convertible truck jacket

Streetwear Bape intersects with traditional denim Levi's.

The partnership between the two was first announced in November, when the two brands have been in continuous cooperation, which will continue to surprise streetwear and Levi enthusiasts.

This collection consists of three parts, thanks to an innovative design and strategic zipper. It is centered around Levi's Type III Trucker jacket and has been reimagined to include a zipper that extends along the center of the back.

This style comes in two styles: one and 12 ounces. Indigo blue denim with the Levi logo and made with Bape's signature camouflage pattern and is 13 ounces. Second, black twill jacket with camouflage lining. The collection also produces tan T-shirts with two brand logos on the left chest.

"We are excited about it. First, do something with Bape, and second, do something interesting," Jonathan Cheung, senior vice president of design innovation at Levi, told Mr. Fashion. "When we collaborate, we always want to do something special. Something that makes you feel buzzing in your stomach. When the idea becomes easy, this is always a good sign. Once we have a connection, we know It's what we want to do-camouflage truck drivers. We just can't wait to see people putting all the pieces together. "