Off-White has become the hottest brand in the world

British fashion data platform Lyst recently announced the list of the world's hottest brands in the first quarter of 2019. Off-White surpassed Gucci and won the championship. It also reached the top again after the third quarter of 2018.

In Lyst's release of the world's top ten most popular fashion brands in the third quarter of 2018, Off-White surpassed Gucci for the first time and ranked first. In 2017, Off-White only ranked 34th. During the year, however, the body changed, and Fei Huang Tengda leapt to the sky.

First, the business model of "joining goods"

Off-White can be said to be the hottest brand in the high street field in recent years, so why is this brand with no profound historical background so hot? Among them, the reason for the rapid popularity does not rule out the "bringing goods" of celebrities.

With the rapid development of the Internet, social media has become an important promotion platform for the current fashion industry. At the same time, it has started a crazy joint road with major fashion brands, and then Off-White began to hold consumers in the millennials.

Second, fit the mainstream aesthetics

Of course, these reasons such as social networks exist, but they are just auxiliary. We also need to consider the background of the times. Virgil Abloh, the leader of off-white, has laid the foundation of mainstream aesthetics with advanced innovation. Director of Menswear at LV.

The reason why OFF-WHITE is a rising star is because of its unique design style elements, which are in line with the personality of our young people, so it quickly occupied the new trend home.

Third, the influx of former brands

Another point is that Virgil Abloh and Kanye West have always been good friends. They have interned at FENDI in 2006 and later co-created the brand Pyrex Vision.

Before the founder of Off-white, the main manager conducted a wave of water testing with Pyrex Vision, and has established the basic framework for formulating the trend, and has continuously enlarged the brand recognition. The fundamental bedding.