Off-White Home Series

Off-White, known as the Universe King, has always been a lot of action, covering the range from fashion to perfume to suitcases, etc., each time can cause topics and snapped up, successfully in a few years to become a first-tier brand, and more recently Settled in the household goods field.

In fact, the brand has launched a family product joint series with Ikea at the beginning of the year. The cooperation between the tide brand and the Volkswagen brand itself has taught people a lot of surprises, and it was indeed fired to sky high prices, but the brand's footsteps did not stop there and it quietly launched its own 'S home collection, called "Home", will be on sale from September 1.

Off-Whit HOME

Off-White, who always likes to name the design straightforwardly, has also implemented the style this time and launched the "Ceramic", "Bed" and "Bath" series, namely the porcelain, bedding and bathroom series.


The porcelain series includes breakfast and lunch sets, coffee cups, cup sets, kettles, ashtrays, and soap dishes, all of which are mainly off-white porcelain, and embellished with a grass-like pattern design of cornflower blue. Simplicity and attention to detail, a little more life flavor than usual brand style.


The bedding series is a double bed set. The coconut white bedding is embroidered with the brand's cross arrow logo. The dark logo contrasts with the white bedding. In addition, the large orange blanket outlines a large cross-arrow sign with a dark orange-red color, with fringe design at both ends.


Finally, the bathroom series includes off-white bath towel sets. Each towel has a strap with the word "Off-White" in orange, which is convenient for users to hang on the hook, and the words "Bath" are pierced on the bathrobe. Bring style to the bathroom.