Off-White rebrands new logo

Off-White has a brand new logo and is used in the Spring / Summer 2020 collection, which heralds a change in brand style.

For established brands, if you want to change the brand's image, bring a new atmosphere or a new design, then the most obvious way for the public to see is to change the brand logo, because the logo is the most important thing The core, so changing the logo is the most direct but also the most risky approach, often causing a different voice outside, and recently I did not expect even Off-White also replaced with a new logo.

Speaking of the most fashionable fashion brands loved by the younger generations today, Off-White managed by Virgil Abloh is definitely on the list. It has always been a combination of innovation and traditional style in design. The operation of the road media has made the brand loved by the young people of the new generation for a long time. Only recently, it launched a joint ride series with IKEA.

Off-White's most classic brand logo is the black-and-white zebra slash logo and four-arrow logo. It is deeply rooted in people ’s hearts, and it has become the most representative symbol of young people nowadays. Virgil Abloh, the brand ’s owner, shared a post on his Instagram The post wrote: "updated identity. Miscellaneous images." I saw that the original logo of the brand in the photo was changed to have a face in the middle of Off and White, while the left and right sides were dotted with two hands. The style is very different from the previous one.

Foreign media reported that this latest Logo has applied for US patents and trademarks last month and is used in the spring and summer 2020 series. From the design of the latest clothing and handbags, we can see a change in brand style. Looking forward to what surprises Virgil Abloh will bring next?