The most anticipated OFF-WHITE collaboration this year is here!

In fact, this pair of shoes was first exposed as early as August of this year, but it has not been released for some reasons, which is a draw for the audience! Today, the news is finally released. The three pairs of OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low that have experienced bouncing tickets are finally available this week.

Recently, a set of exquisite physical pictures have been released by well-known trendy shops, indicating that this pair of shoes is really not far from the sale! The blockbuster items you have been waiting for since summer vacation are finally on sale!

Because the design style of the OFF-WHITE x Nike co-branded series this year is really a bit single, it has to be doubted that even OFF-WHITE has just started to suck money! The choice of shoe shape is also really difficult to meet the public taste, resulting in each member of the series, whether in popularity or attention, has dropped significantly compared to previous years, and there is quite a bit of wind and rain.

The 3 pairs of OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low that will debut in the end should be expected by many people, making people curious whether they can return to the top joint names again. After this set of beauty photos were exposed, OFF-WHITE has proved that deconstruction still has the potential to develop, and OFF-WHITE has the ability to fully tap it and play it out!

The design incorporates a deconstructed design on Dunk Low's classic shoes. The Swoosh Logo is dotted with an orange label and the inside continues the OFF-WHITE slogan. Everything is familiar with the taste of deconstruction! At the same time, it tells us how important it is to choose a good shoe shape for deconstruction! Fortunately, the choice of OFF-WHITE is very correct this time!

The original classic design coupled with the innovative concept of this year's double shoelace system is like the past and the future are tightly connected through something, forming the most design and texture now!

Current news indicates that the joint series will be officially released on December 20.